Perfect gift for hair-maniac? High Frequency d’Arsonval Home Use Device Set to take care of hair and scalp


Do you think that you’ve already seen everything? So let me tell you that somebody has created a marvellous device to take care of hair and scalp. It’s d’Arsonval comb which, to me, is a perfect gift for a true hair-maniac. How does this tool work?

d’Arsonval currents – What’s this?

They are used during facial cosmetics treatments. Although their frequency is high, they are completely safe to humans. Owning to d’Arsonval currents, it’s possible to take care of acne and oily skin type, they reduce visibility of wrinkles, highlight discolorations, stimulate skin self-renewal processes and limit the quantity of dangerous bacteria that happen to gather on face skin surface. What’s interesting, d’Arsonval currents turn out to be perfect for dealing with dandruff and excessive hair loss problem. Unfortunately, not everyone can expose their bodies to such a treatment. Contraindications are as follows: inflammation of skin, heart diseases, broken capillaries, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How does d’Arsonval comb look like?

It’s a device connected to the mains power supply (10 W). The tool has an in-built switch-key thanks to which it is possible to set electric current intensity. It’s also worth mentioning that the entire set, despite d’Arsonval comb, consists of four glass electrodes selected with having two factors in mind: type of skin and a particular body part. The electrodes are:

  • stick to remove particular impurities;
  • mushroom-shaped to disinfect the entire face;
  • drop (spoon) takes care of the hard-to-reach face parts (corners of lips, nasal lobe area);
  • comb to take care of scalp and hair.

d’Arsonval comb – Prettier hair?

In my opinion, yes, hair gets prettier thanks to this device. After a few weeks of the treatment with this tool I noticed my hair becoming healthier and stronger, the scalp stops getting greasy so fast. Moreover, I noticed that thanks to d’Arsonval comb my hair is no longer falling out so much as it used to. Still, the best part about this is that the device goes with a set of a few heads to treat various body parts with (I’ve already mentioned the issue above).

Have you ever been lucky enough to use any device featuring d’Arsonval currents? If you have, please give your comments below.

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