Must-Have of Regular Hair Removal. My Secret of Smooth Skin

Irritations that appear during shaving happen frequently. Unfortunately, such an adverse reaction used to be a bind to me but I’m not coursed with this problem any longer. By trial and error method I managed to separate any adverse reactions of my organism from all the hair removal procedures. Although I’m currently considering the idea of undergoing laser hair removal treatment of the most problematic body parts, I keep using the regular razor. My entry is dedicated to all the women who use traditional ways of hair removal and are looking for an effective method to eliminate the irritations that develop afterwards.


  • Your ally isn’t a blunt razor, definitely!
  • From my own experience I can tell you that all the razors without a movable head don’t pass the exam.
  • Never dry shave hair, it’s way better to do it while having a shower or just by damping your skin with water first.
  • Always use shaving preparations and limit the use of soap instead of cosmetics since these products relieve irritations.
  • Obviously, avoid the rush since it isn’t the best advisor.


Before shaving

Skin has to be perfectly moisturised therefore I regularly use balms, oils and body lotions that make my skin softer and keep hydration of dermis at the right level. The truth is, dry skin is easier to become damaged and irritated. Also, before shaving it’s advisable to apply peeling to the entire body or just the parts you are going to remove hair from, like for example legs. This procedure will remove dead epidermis cells and ‘set free’ the hair that tends to grow into the skin.

After shaving

If your skin is severely irritated after shaving, give a go to one of the home remedies to soothe it. At least these natural methods work better on my skin since they don’t cause prickly feeling yet only pleasant sensation of cool and relaxation of the dermis. It hasn’t happened to me yet that a moisturising balm intensified the after-shaving irritation instead of minimising it.

Home remedies for after-shaving irritations:

  • delicately rubbing a cool, brewed teabag against the skin;
  • give the massage with the use of jojoba oil or avocado oil;
  • application of Shea butter as an alternative to a body balm;
  • soothing skin with cooled down, natural dairy cream or yoghurt;
  • using aloe juice as the home skin wash after shaving.
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