Winter is coming… Cosmetics that help you survive winter

Hello Girls!

Today, I’ll tell you a few things about cosmetics thanks to which our hair and skin will survive the winter. While this season is ongoing, it’s exceptionally crucial to pay special attention to skin and hair protection. Let me present you my bare minimum concerning winter care:

1. Face cream. In this season I cut down on using moisturising day creams and replace them with rich or semi-rich ones, also known as occlusive moisturisers. Why? Because water the regular creams contain irritates skin when exposed to cold wind, unfortunately. Of course, I don’t resign from moisturisation completely. I apply creams that replenish my face with water at bedtime. In the morning, I reach for occlusive moisturisers.

It’s worth realizing that dry and sensitive skin types have problem with enduring low temperatures because they produce insufficient amounts of sebum, which is a natural protective coat of skin. For that very reason, people having dehydrated and sensitive skin must equip their cosmetic inventory with fatty and nourishing creams.

When it comes to oily combination, unfortunately, winter creams might clog pores of this skin type. For that reason, I suggest you to use cosmetics containing natural substances like, for example, shea butter.

Regardless of the season, you must protect your skin against solar radiation. Hence, I always choose a cream that features sunscreens. If you plan to spend winter holiday on a ski slope, you must buy a cosmetic that features a really high sun protection filter.

2. Hand cream. It protects hands from cold wind, which makes hand skin dehydrated, irritated and encourage cracking. Personally, I always go for a cream that is rich in nourishing substances, the one which is absorbed by skin fast and leaves a delicate protective layer. Before bedtime, it’s advisable to apply a hand mask or some intensive hand serum. Generally, I like the action delivered to my hands by coconut oil.

3. Hair oil. Hair, similarly to skin, is exposed to the harmful action of frosty wind and low temperatures. Owners of long hair, which isn’t hidden under a cap, are familiar with this problem. In this case, a good solution is offered by applying natural vegetable oils to strands. This treatment combats dehydration of hair. Keep reapplying natural oils at least twice a week. Basically, it’s also a good idea to rub a tiny amount of natural oil into strands while styling it daily.

Last thing to mention, hiding hair under a cap doesn’t serve it right. Rubbed against synthetic materials, hair gets affected by static, become frizzy and starts getting too greasy. Luckily, all of the problems can be coped with oil hair treatment. Of course, you have to match an oil to your hair type.

I’m curious, what your favourite cosmetics that help you survive winter are? I would be more than happy to learn your winter essentials 🙂

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