What Beauty Products Do I Take While Travelling? the Snufkin’s Bag

Hi, there! I am going on holiday soon. That is why I decided to tell you a bit about the products I am going to put in my travel beauty bag. I usually take two cosmetic bags: a big one for beauty care and make-up products, a smaller one for things I may need on […]

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Lashcode – New Mascara Four-Month Test

mascara Lashcode - test

Hey, beautiful ladies! How are you doing? I’m a bit tired after yesterday’s beauty trade shows. Although I look quite fatigued, my eyelashes – changelessly for four months – look FAN-TAS-TIC! I owe it to Lashcode mascara. I didn’t expect something would surprise me in the world of mascaras but… Lashcode definitely broke the codes […]

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How to Perform Perfect Make-Up? My Trusted Methods

Hi, Girls! Each one of us knows that make-up should be invisible. Before I managed to actually achieve it, long time pass, not to mention the immense amount of cosmetics that I used up by then. Finally, I learned how to execute the natural make-up. Now, you will see for yourself how easy that is. […]

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Spring Trends. Is Make-Up Going to Be Replaced with Stickers?

I just had to take my stand in this case. Can stickers replace make-up? Since I’ve heard of the trend, I can’t stop thinking about it. I decided to test stickers on my face and share the experience and my opinion on the blog. Sticker make-up takes the Internet by storm! Newest trends can steal […]

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How to Clean Make-Up Brushes? My Proven Methods

Hi! You use them every day and you probably do not even know how many bacteria is settles on them. Brushes allow you to create the most beautiful make-up. However, when they are kept on the shelf, dust and pollution gather on them. If you do not clean them, between the bristle is left the […]

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Help Your Make-Up Survive Summer Heat Waves!

High temperatures and blistering sun do not go with foundations, mascaras and eyeshadow. In the summer, colored cosmetics can make an unpleasant surprise and drip off the face. If you want to avoid a make-up meltdown, use these easy hacks. Proper Face Skin Care If your make-up is to last as long as possible, you […]

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