IS Powder Mat Make Up from Manhattan the best full coverage and mattifying foundtion


During my latest beauty-product shopping, I have encountered a foundation Powder Mat Make Up from Manhattan. I have heard many opinions claiming that it is the best full coverage and mattifying product. Therefore, I have decided to try it out myself and write a review for you. Did I like it? What are my thoughts and impressions regarding the foundation form Manhattan? Keep on reading!

Camouflage and matt – my everyday look

For a long period of time, I have been struggling with post-acne scarring and red spider veins on my cheeks. My skin imperfections are mostly visible in the winter when my complexion loses its tan and low temperatures limit the ability of blood vessels to contract and relax. Those are the main reasons why I have to use full coverage, mattifying cosmetics. Believe me, if I hadn’t done it, I would be ashamed to go out:( Luckily, I found a foundation that covers up all my flaws.

Powder Mat Make Up from Manhattan – the perfect makeup

Many girls, including me, praise Powder Mat Make Up foundation for its biggest advantages which are: high coverage and mattifying properties. The cosmetic covers up all discolouration marks, dark under eye circles, and redness. Thanks to it, my face is smooth and even. What is more, Manhattan foundation gently brightens the complexion and makes it more radiant and younger-looking. There is no need to worry about the application – it is very easy due to the nice and creamy formula. You gain a natural finish with no streaks, smudges or visible dry patches. When it comes to the colour range, you can choose from beige, brown, caramel and rosy tones.

How do I use Powder Mat Make Up foundation from Manhattan?

As I have mentioned before, Manhattan foundation has a creamy formula which makes the application quick and easy. Personally, I like to use a flat-top brush. Firstly, I take a bit on the back of my hand and rub it gently with the brush, this way it becomes runnier. Then, I distribute it over my face, making sure to create a very thin layer. It is best to start from the middle of the face and blend the product toward the temples, cheeks, jawline and smudge a bit to the upper part of my neck to avoid leaving harsh lines. I am extra careful when blending it along my hairline and ears. Additionally, there is no need to apply a mattifying powder because the foundation does it well for the entire day.

Have you used Powder Mat Make Up foundation from Manhattan? What do you think of the brand? What is your favourite foundation? 

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