Cosmetics with plankton by Biotherm: Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion and Sensitive Balm


There are many skin care cosmetics which you can find weird and original ingredients in. Balm and emulsion by Biotherm, which I’ve recently bought, contain… plankton. How do these aquatic microscopic animalcules condition skin? You’re going to find this out by reading my text.

Plankton in skin care

In short, plankton is just aquatic organism which is a kind of feed for bigger animals. They live in oceans, seas, lakes and even ponds. Of course, they are tiny, delicate and almost invisible. So how it is possible that they can take a good care of our skin? Basically, an extract obtained from them supplies skin with moisturisation, regeneration, rejuvenation and protection against free radicals. The truth is, plankton is an ingredient of many cosmetics. You can find it, for example, in Life Plankton cosmetic series by Biotherm.

How does balm and emulsion by Biotherm work?

Cosmetics that belong to Life Plankton series are designed to treat dry and sensitive skin. Their main task is delivering moisturisation, soothing irritations, smoothing and protection against aggressive environmental agents. Moreover, they have light consistency which is easy to distribute along face and is fast to penetrate deep into skin. The good news is that these products by Biotherm don’t contain any substances which might cause allergies. In other words, you won’t find there: parabens, mineral oils, fragrances or colourants.

How to apply cosmetics containing plankton?

Life Plankton emulsion is closed in a bottle featuring a pump, balm is sold in a jar. In order to moisturise complexion you need to take just a small quantity of the products. Apply either the balm or emulsion to your skin and then pat the cosmetic into skin; do a massage at the same time. Avoid eye and lip skin area. If you keep using the cosmetics by Biotherm, you will obtain truly marvellous outcomes in the form of moisturised, smooth and silky soft skin that is healthy.

Are you ready for the treatment offered by Biotherm and its plankton-containing cosmetics?

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