I Did Dry Body Brushing for 30 Days. Can I See Any Effects?

I heard about dry body brushing long before I decided to give it a go. It made me think of some painful treatments at first. After all, it’s much different from what we’re used to: rubbing a smooth balm or cream into the skin. Nevertheless, I forced myself and did dry body brushing for a full month. Now I share my feelings and impressions. The effects turned out to stun me! I wish I had started using this method years before.

What do you need for dry body brushing?

As the name suggests, we brush dry bodies so we don’t need any lotions or oils. It sounds painful, doesn’t it? It was at first! Thankfully, my skin got used to it after a few days. So, all you need is a good brush, namely one made from natural bristles. This is essential! It’s usually oval-shaped and made from wood. The bristles have different length and coarseness so you can replace the brush for a more intense one once your skin gets used to the treatment. As a beginner, choose a soft-bristle brush. Believe me, it’s more than enough!

How to do dry body brushing?

Once you get a suitable brush, you can get round to massage! Don’t do it right after a bath when the skin is softer. Also, remember to do it in the right direction: moving upwards. Start at the feet and move towards the calves, thighs and torso. The key thing is you always massage the body in the direction of the heart. The pressure is crucial too and you should not press the brush too hard as a beginner.

Let’s move on to the benefits! Can I see any effects after doing dry body brushing for 30 days?

YES! To be honest, I didn’t expect they would be so striking.

  • I guess my skin has never been so smooth (maybe except for the infancy).
  • Ironically, my skin isn’t as dry as it used to be. Pricey lotions were needless.
  • Additionally, I’m not bothered by ingrown hairs.
  • Cellulite is definitely less noticeable!
  • The skin feels relieved and the muscles are less tense after each massage.

Will I keep doing dry body brushing?

Sure I will. I’ve tested it and see the effects so I don’t feel like losing them just like that. I’ve already bought a new, firm-bristle brush. I already got the hang of it so the message takes around 5 minutes. I guess it’s worth it to devote so little time every day (or at least every other day) to get a lovely body in return!

I hope you feel like giving it a try now. Let me know if you’re a dry body brushing beginner or you’ve already reached the higher level!

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