My Evening Skincare Routine: Step-by-Step Guide

The entire body rests at night and this applies to the face skin too. This time is devoted to the repair process. If you don’t put your mind to the evening skincare routine, your skin doesn’t get a chance to clear itself of toxins and get an oxygen boost, and the nighttime repair process doesn’t even take place. So, it’s good to devote a few minutes at bedtime to enjoy a flawless, plump face throughout life! I share a step-by-step guide to everyday evening skincare routine.

Step 1 Removing Make-Up

Taking make-up off is a basic step you need to take first. World-famous models say they have never forgotten to remove their make-up. They believe sleeping with make-up on is the biggest skincare sin! There are lots of products you can use: micellar waters, milk, oils. You’ll find the right one for your skin for sure! Just remember that make-up removal isn’t the last stage of an evening skincare routine – this is a beginning! Never finish with this step.

Step 2 Cleansing

It’s time to get rid of the make-up residue but mostly the dust, oil and dirt. Use water and a chosen face wash. Again, we are spoilt for choice and you can pick the one you like the most: gel, emulsion, foam, etc. Wash the face using your (clean!) hands, glove, sponge or sonic brush (e.g. Foreo).

Step 3 Drying

You need to get rid of the water excess. Avoid cloth towels because they get damp and are the stronghold for bacteria. It’s best to use paper towels or replace cloth towels every day.

Step 4 Facial Toner

Unfortunately, it’s being skipped more and more often while it’s extremely important! Thanks to a face toner, the natural pH of skin is restored. Besides, it enhances absorption of your serum or cream.

Step 5 Facial Serum

Don’t rinse the toner! Now, apply suitable products. Serum is the first to go. Pat it on or massage it into the face skin. Serum is lightweight and made of active ingredients.

Step 6 Cream/ Moisturizer

Here’s the last step of my evening skincare routine! Match a face cream to your skin’s needs: moisturizer, anti-wrinkle or nourishing cream. A moisturizing effect of a cream allows your face to keep plump and youthful for longer. Never forget about the neck and chest area which needs some cream too. You can also use an eye cream, patting a small amount under the eyes softly.

That’s all! Six steps may seem too many but it really takes very little time. 10 minutes tops! It definitely pays off to devote several minutes and get a happy, healthy skin in return.

What does your evening skincare routine involve?

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