How to Keep Fresh in Summer? My Express & Effortless Tricks

Today, this and that about the summer beauty care. ☼

How often do you give up on the skincare routine in summer? Warm months are like a horror for the skin – losing water fast, irritations, excessive sweating. Remember that both skin and hair need care in the summertime! It’s important to choose the right products and use tricks which let us feel good in our own skin.


Can you feel good in scorching heat?

Summer and freshness – it sounds like an oxymoron. Still, I’ll try to convince you that you can feel and look amazing when it’s hot, hottie, hot. How to make it happen? I’m sharing my secret solutions and remedies for too much sweating and keeping fresh longer. No pricy treatments involved!

Summer Skincare

Firstly, let’s nurture the skin. The key thing is you match the skin care routine to the needs of your skin type. Moreover, make sure your skincare products go with the season and the dangers that this season entails. The sunlight is the most dangerous in summer. The sunrays cause extreme skin dryness and may lead to irritation. Lying on the beach without a sunblock, you might get burnt!

Now, you might feel like asking about the things to do. There are lots of summer skin care methods. Summing them up, there are a few basic, must-follow rules:

  1. Always carry a good sunblock or a cosmetic enriched with ingredients that weaken the harmfulness of the sunlight!
  2. Use strongly-hydrating products because our demand for water is several times bigger in summer!
  3. Go for antioxidant-rich, night creams because antioxidants prevent skin photo-ageing!
  4. Avoid rich and thick products and too much makeup. In summer, choose no-makeup makeup!

Summer Haircare

Oily hair can make you feel unattractive and not fresh, too. To make things worse, hair tends to be more greasy in summer. Keeping the scalp clean and nourished helps solve the problem. Thanks to the right, lightweight products, you can save your hair from the harmfulness of the summer sunlight. If you want to know how to care for hair in summer, note down these guidelines and attach them to the fridge:

  1. Protect your hair from the sun using anything – a hat, scarf, UV filter spray or natural oils!
  2. Use mostly humectant-rich masks and conditioners because moisturising ingredients are essential for the sun-damaged and dry hair!
  3. Avoid styling lotions and thick cosmetics which sit on hair, making it greasy!


Fine… hair isn’t oily or weighed down with products, the skin is free of irritations. Still, feeling unfresh isn’t off your head. In summer, sweating is intensified; even two hours in heat leaves your top sticking to your skin. What to do? How to keep cool longer?

I’ve got a few tried and tested hacks. Discover my life-saving ways to feel fresh when the sun gives us the hard time.

  • A refreshing morning shower

I begin every summer day with a quick, cool shower. How can I feel fresh after waking up sweaty? An express shower lets kickstart the day and stimulate the blood flow. It gives an energy boost for the whole day if you use a fruity or refreshing, mint shower gel. Check it out! It really works.

  • A good antiperspirant is a basis

While talking the ways to keep fresh in summer, an antiperspirant must be mentioned. A dilemma arises, though. Antiperspirant or deodorant? A deodorant fights bacteria so it neutralizes sweat smell. It’s a good refreshing product. On the other hand, an antiperspirant ensures a long-lasting protection from sweating because it blocks sebaceous glands. An antiperspirant makes a good summer choice because it delivers the feeling of dryness and freshness all day long.

  • An energizing fragrance for the entire day

You can’t feel good when you don’t smell nice. Spraying some perfume should be the finishing touch of morning beauty routine. In summer, I recommend energizing and refreshing aromas e.g. exotic fruit or forest flowers. Summer fragrances should be free of alcohol not to make the skin dry. The key thing! Every woman should have a mist or thermal water in her bag to freshen the skin up, cool it down and deliver valuable water and minerals. A mist is a must in a summer bag.

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