Do you know floral waters? My TOP proven products for face, body and hair

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Probably most of you already know and use floral waters as those became quite popular lately and are often used as a replacement for a toner. However, as it turns out there are way more possible uses of them than just this one. Those are multifunctional and brilliant cosmetics that I use for face, body, and hair care. Today, I will tell you more about what floral water is and how to use it. Enjoy!

Floral water – what is it?

If you know floral waters and you know what it is then you can easily skip this paragraph and get to the next one. Floral water is 100% natural product with floral extracts which happens to be one of the best and most natural toners. It has been discovered by accident and used to be treated like a worthless side effect of essential oil extraction. As it turned out the ‘water’ that was created due to hydrolyzation is not water after all. It’s a delicate essence that contains plant extracts after essential oil was obtained. It is gentle and skin-friendly. It holds properties similar to the toner, often contains numerous microelements, and works great in skincare while balancing the pH. Floral water entered the beauty industry scene taking by storm the natural products branch.

The function and floral water intended use

Floral water for the face – it is its basic function that is known pretty widely. You spray the floral water (or more like sprinkle) on to the face and it calms the skin, soothes it, normalizes pH, and increases the skin ability to absorb nutrients from following it cosmetics. It’s a perfect product that just improves skin condition, prevents damage, and makes skin ready for the next steps in your beauty routine, such as face serum or cream.

Floral water for the body – I love to use it in the summertime because none other is able to moisturize, refresh, and cool the body quite as good as floral water. I use it after sunbathing session because it minimizes the risk of sunburns, moisturizes, and protects your freshly tanned skin against flaking.

I sometimes mix it up with natural oil (I use sweet almond oil) and apply it to the body while performing a delicate relaxing anticellulite massage.
Another use of floral water is as an ingredient of DIY cosmetics. I love to use it with clay because then it gets additional nourishing ingredients, which means that the mix has minerals of clay and plant sterols of floral water.

As a conditioning mist for hair – not all but certainly many floral waters are suitable for application to hair and for rubbing it in the scalp. Is it worth it? For sure! If you choose the right floral water it is able to inhibit greasy roots and even stimulate hair growth. Floral waters will certainly be a great support during the seasonal hair loss. It is great as a moisturizing treatment and in the summer it can protect hair against water loss. I spray floral water onto the hair and rub some natural oil is so that water particles are locked inside the hair.

My beloved top products, i.e. the best floral waters

Damask rose water can be pretty cool but I love lavender water the most. None other leaves skin as beautiful and it is not too intense but is a marvellous antioxidant. Lavender calms, regenerates, repairs, and takes care of the skin like no other toner in the world!

I simply love aloe water as an ingredient for a face mask with white clay, but also as a body mist after sunbath – it cools down brilliantly. I also spray my hair with it in the summer to prevent it from dryness.

What about you – do you like floral waters? Which ones and why? Let me know!

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