Skin moisturising is the best method for beautiful look. Hydragenist Mist from Lierac


As you all know, moisturising is one of the most important steps in skin care. By providing it with the proper amount of water, we are protecting it from premature ageing and excessive dehydration. But how to do it properly? I have chosen a hydrating mist Lierac Hydragenist. Was it a good decision? How does this cosmetic work?

What threatens non-moisturised skin?

If your skin is dry and coarse, lost its natural glow and there are discolourations or wrinkles on it, it is a sign that you have very little time left to regenerate it. If you do not provide the right amount of hydration, you can say goodbye to your youthful appearance once and for all. Not delivering the proper amount of water and oxygen makes the skin more susceptible to harmful external factors, including free radicals. As a result, it loses its shine and firmness much faster, dry skins and discolouration are more likely to appear. Collagen fibres weaken, leading to the creation of a second chin and sagging skin.

How can Lierac Hydragenist help dry skin? 

Hydragenist Moisturising Mist is suitable for all skin types. Its main task is to moisturize, oxygenate and refresh. The best effects are ensured when used in the morning before applying the cream and putting on make-up. It smoothes the complexion, gives energy and allows you to wake up effectively. Thanks to the mist, the skin becomes smooth, regains its natural colour and a beautiful and youthful appearance. It is also worth mentioning that the fragrance of the cosmetic is very nice. It’s a combination of rose, gardenia and jasmine, which will coat the skin with a fresh and pleasant scent throughout the day.

How do I use Hydragenist Mist from Lierac?

I like to spry it every morning before doing my makeup. Any excess of the cosmetic can be dabbed with my fingertips or wiped with a cotton swab. The Lierac mist has a gel-like formula so it is not instantly absorbed. Some time ago, I have been using a hydrating serum along with the Hydragenist mist. The combo worked very well. Those who are interested should know that there are only three cosmetics that provide moisturising effects. These are two creams with a nourishing and refreshing formula as well as a moisturizing and calming SOS mask. Test them all and choose your favourite cosmetic.



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