New cosmetics from Kylie Jenner: Stormi Collection

Kylie Jenner’s new cosmetics have caused a real storm. Not only because of shades and design, but also because the inspiration to create products was the daughter of a celebrity, Stormi. How does the new cosmetics line look like?

What will we find in the collection?

The Stormi cosmetic collection from Kylie Jenner includes eye shadows, lip gloss, lipsticks, lip glosses, highlighter and an eyeliner. They are all kept in expressive and bold colours. So we have black lipstick, yellow eyeshadows and eyeliner, blue lip gloss. The element combining cosmetics from the collection are graphic designs and decorating packages and products: lightnings, glittery inscriptions, clouds, raindrops and stars.

A truly stormy collection

The nature of the Stormi collection from Kylie Jenner is even shown in the product names:

  • eyeshadows – Calm Before the Storm and Eye of the Storm,
  • lip gloss – Flash Gloss,
  • lipsticks – Cosmic, Nova and Nightfall,
  • cream shadows – Twinkle Twinkle +Superstar and Violet Monn + Destiny,
  • highlighter – Lightning Bolt.

Who is Stormi’s collection for?

Cosmetics from the new Kylie Jenner collection, Stormi, will definitely appeal to celebrity’s fans. If you are crazy about applying makeup and you love the bold and brave look, then Stormi products will surely appeal to you. Maybe you are a makeup artist and are you looking for new makeup solutions? If so, the cosmetics from the Stormi series will work great in your work. Certainly, like the previous Kylie Jenner products, they have good quality and will manage in every situation.

Will you try new cosmetics from Kylie Jenner? Or maybe you have already tested out these products. If so, leave a comment about the Stormi collection.

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