My autumn plans: Face and body care


Finally, we can enjoy autumn outside! Why is this sudden weather change in line with my mood? Because I finally can take the proper care of my skin. Cloudy aura is just perfect for applying peelings, undergoing laser hair removal treatment, exfoliating dead epidermis cells with acids and other practices which might trigger irritations during the summer. Find out how take care of my beauty in the autumn.

The winter is coming

In the autumn, we should prepare ourselves for the winner, this gusty wind, low temperatures and hard frost. How do I get ready for this? First of all, I start applying creams of dense consistency featuring a huge amount of oiling and nourishing substances. Thanks to them, I make my skin ‘thicker’, I prepare it for the upcoming winter and seal this natural protective barrier that consists of water and lipids. Additionally, I take dietary supplements in the form of capsules containing fish liver oil or vitamins. Also, I finally can exfoliate dead epidermis cells, which might impede taking the proper care of my body during the winter. Therefore, to my homemade peelings I always try to add a spoon of honey. This marvellous substance has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action; and such adverse reaction of skin might be unbearable during the winter.

Something to moisturise the skin with

In the autumn, I use creams containing vitamin C, white mulberry, hyaluronic acid and other acids of low concentration. They help me limit appearance of dry epidermis, moisturise complexion before winter and eliminate discolorations, which has appeared on the skin after the summer. Similar application carries the cosmetics I use to pamper my body skin, which are balms, butters and cosmetic oils. In the autumn, when we put on thicker clothing, our epidermis tends to exfoliate faster as it is exposed to irritations and dehydration. What’s more, I frequently apply peelings which accelerate skin regeneration and smooth skin surface. In the extreme cases, I use irritation-soothing products that facilitate minor wound healing.

My autumn make-up and its removal

When the autumn is getting closer, I stop applying all the cosmetics where water is used as the base ingredient. Instead, I start treating my skin with the cosmetics containing oils; I also reach for gels and lotions. Thanks to them, I remove my make-up and get rid of impurities to moisturise and reinforce my skin protective barrier, at the same time. Basically, I also change almost my all colour cosmetics. In the autumn, my skin needs an extra protection and moisturisation. Therefore, when I do make-up, I also deliver the nourishing substances which take care of my skin’s condition.

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