Makeup tips and tricks for every girl!


I am sure that every girl would like to make makeup easier. What for? To look better, shorten the time of application, stay in bed longer or save on cosmetics. See for yourself that my makeup tricks will allow you to achieve those goals.

Powder on the brows

If you did a too strong eyebrow makeup, there is no need to remove it a do it all over again. For starters, try combing out the brows with a clean mascara brush. If it did not bring the desired effect, reach for the powder. Get a bit of the cosmetic on the cotton pad or sponge and apply to the eyebrows. You do not need to use very expensive powder. All you need to do is apply the cheapest one found in the drugstores, in a shade that will match your skin tone.

Eyebrow imitation

The full and strong eyebrow makeup becomes slowly and gradually less popular. It is being replaced with a delicate and natural makeup imitation of eyebrows. How to achieve such a look? It is enough that you draw a few strokes at the beginning of the eyebrow with a pencil similar to the colour of your eyebrows. Thanks to this, you will visually thicken eyebrows and make your eyes pop.

A concealer and an eyeshadow = perfect coverage 

If the concealer for masking imperfections is not enough for you, you can additionally apply eyeshadows in nude tones. Such a mixture will surely cover all imperfections, unify the skin tone and make your makeup extremely beautiful. Concealers and eyeshadows can be applied to dark under-eye circles, to discolouration, redness of the skin and more extensive imperfections.

Aloe gel for eyebrow styling 

Not only does it soothe and care for the skin, it’s also great for fixing eyebrows. How to use it? It’s very simple! Take a clean mascara wand and apply a little gel. Then, apply it to the eyebrows, and just admire how quickly they are styled. You do not need to worry about your make-up removal. Both aloe gel and make-up cosmetics will wash away without a problem.

Do you know any other quick and easy makeup and beauty tricks? Please don’t forget to leave a comment and share your methods! 

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