Laser hair removal and everything you should know about the procedure


Smooth skin without a single hair on it… Everyone would like to have skin like this. If the common ways of hair removal don’t meet your expectations then maybe it’s time to give a go to laser hair removal. What’s the best time to undergone such a treatment, what are the effects and how to take care of skin after the procedure?

What season is the best for laser hair removal?

It’s best to have laser hair removal procedure carried out in late autumn or winter. Why is that? It’s about the solar radiation and what it can do to skin treated with laser. Well, tanned skin poses a kind of impediment for the laser light. To clarify, instead of reaching hair follicle, it gets interdiffused on the skin’s surface. Effect? Hair remains untouched and skin might start featuring discolorations. There is no such risk during autumn or winter. Solar radiation is scant and won’t influence skin’s condition in any degree.

Laser hair removal – Effects

This type of hair removal delivers significantly better results when compared to the common methods of getting rid of hair (e.g. razors, wax). How does laser work? The light emitted by the device penetrates hair follicles, damaging hair bulbs that would produce hair. The effect of smooth skin lasts for several months, sometimes even for lifetime. In order to obtain satisfying effects, at least 4 sessions must be carried out; in most cases the procedure finishes in 6 sessions (the intervals between the sessions last 3-4 weeks).

How does laser hair removal procedure look like?

Right before the procedure all hair must be shaved. Also, it is advised against exposing skin to peelings which might damage skin as well as applying self-tanning creams that might block laser light from penetrating skin. At a beauty office, a beautician disinfects skin and the client is given special protective glasses. The time required for the procedure as well as the number of ‘shots’ varies accordingly to the part of body. During the procedure you might experience unpleasant sensation of prickling, stinging and heat. Once the session is over, skin might be reddened. In order to soothe the irritation, it is advisable to apply a special ointments healing up burns.

How to treat skin after the procedure?

You can get back to your regular activities the moment you leave the beautician’s office. However, it is suggested avoiding scrubs, sauna and swimming pools until the irritations disappear completely. Another worth mentioning issue, if you think that the hair keeps growing despite being exposed to laser, you are wrong. The hair is simply moving upwards so as to fall out with time. Your skin will be smooth and soft to the touch soon after that.

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