How to take care of blonde hair? Use Davines and Kerastase cosmetics: Alchemic Silver i Fusio Dose


Is it true that blonde hair is more susceptible to breakage? Yes, but not if it’s properly taken care of. My mom and I use Davines and Kerastase cosmetics for that purpose. If you are interested in how to take care of blonde hair and these products worked for us, keep on reading!

How to take care of blonde hair?

There are a few key factors that cannot be omitted in a proper hair care routine. They include shampooing, drying, brushing, and using proper cosmetics. Let’s start with washing and drying. It’s best to do it every two or three days with a shampoo containing nourishing ingredients that also cleanse the scalp from dandruff and sebum. After washing your hair, it is good to use a conditioner or a hair mask. Thanks to such products, the strands will become softer, smoother, stronger and easier to arrange. And how to properly comb your hair? Always make sure to do it carefully and gently, do not tug and do not pull the strands. Limit the use of the straightener and blowdryer, replace the elastics bands (with metal elements) with popular Invsibobble rubbers, and tie the hair into loose braids, buns and ponytails.

The best cosmetics for blonde hair

Choose products that are designed to strengthen the hair and protects the colour from fading. They should contain UV filter, vitamins, and natural plant extracts. What’s more, rinses and oils will be very beneficial for blonde hair care. Their task is to nourish the scalp, increase shine and overall improvement in the hair condition. Moreover, if you noticed that you strands started turning grey, you might want to reach for products infused with purple pigment. In my opinion, Kerastase Fusio Dose the best regenerating treatment, however, my mom’s favourite is Alchemic Silver by Davines.

Davines and Kerastase cosmetics in fair hair care 

Kerastase Fusio Dose is a cosmetic that comprises ampules and a booster. They are intended for damaged, dyed and weak hair. Their task is to strengthen and regenerate strands, as well as increase shine and intensify its natural colour. And how did the Alchemic Silver cosmetics from Davines work? The shampoo and conditioner provide valuable ingredients, protect, soften, moisturize and purify the scalp. They contain milk proteins, pro-vitamin B5 and provide delicate cleaning substances that act on the surface of the hair. They are perfect for graying and very fair hair.

How do you take care of blonde hair?

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