How to Store Perfume and Make It Long-Lasting?

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Each of us uses perfume or fragrance mists. Do you know how to properly store perfume? What makes fragrances go bad? Read on to find out where to store perfume to make their properties longest-lasting. Enjoy reading!

Why do fragrances go off?

Even the best quality perfume can change color or even aroma. Why is it so? It is possible that the fragrance has expired. If your perfume went off, it can be caused by temperature, dampness, light and air.

  • Temperature – low and high temperatures have a negative influence on perfume. We usually keep fragrances in the bathroom – the place with different temps and high humidity. When we take a shower, the room gets hot. It cools down very quickly. That is why, you should store perfume in your room, in a shadowy and dry place.
  • Light – the artificial light and sunlight also make perfume go bad. That is why testers are often replaced at stores. If a fragrance is exposed to the light, it loses its aroma and color very quickly.
  • Air – most perfumes come with an atomiser. As a result, the product lasts longer and impurities cannot get inside the bottle. Sadly, some fragrances don’t have atomisers; you use a cork instead. When you put the cork back, impurities get into the bottle, making the perfume go off in no time.

How to store perfume?

Keep it in cardboard boxes or in a cabinet. In this way, you protect it from the sunlight. However, if you don’t want to hide beautiful bottles, put them on the dressing table far from the window. You can put them next to a scented candle or colorful stones. Make sure perfume isn’t exposed to the air or humidity.

How do you store your perfume? 

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