How to Perform Perfect Make-Up? My Trusted Methods

Hi, Girls!

Each one of us knows that make-up should be invisible. Before I managed to actually achieve it, long time pass, not to mention the immense amount of cosmetics that I used up by then. Finally, I learned how to execute the natural make-up. Now, you will see for yourself how easy that is.

Find perfect foundation and concealer shade

Most girls find this task troublesome. What is more, the majority of them do not know how to apply foundation correctly. For these reasons, they suffer from the mask effect or smudges. What should you do so that every make-up looked natural? Just apply several shades of foundation on your cheeks and neck and wait till they blend with the skin complexion. Remember that your new cosmetic cannot be darker nor lighter than the skin tone. Similar task awaits you when it comes to the concealer choice. You should match it with skin complexion and shade of the foundation. Once you find the right cosmetic, apply it under the eyes, on the discolourations and other imperfections.

Face beautification

To finish your make-up, use highlighter, bronzer and blusher. Highlighter applies under the eyes, on the cheekbones and all the places you want to pop out. Choose cosmetic in liquid or pressed form. The shimmering particles that it contains will reflect light and flatten the minor wrinkles. However, the bronzer is a perfect product to contour the face. Apply it along the cheekbones on the tip of the chin, on the bridge of the nose, on the forehead and the temples. This way, you create the natural tan effect. To beautify skin, even more, use blusher. Skim your skin in the areas where you have not applied the other cosmetics.

Eyes and lips make-up

Eyeliner can optically make eyelashes root line dense, open the eye and complement your make-up. Use an eye pencil, eyeliner in gel or pen. During the application, you should never pull the eyelid, because then the line will be crooked. When using soft pencil, you can rub it and blend it with the eye shadows. Use some mascara with widespread bristle. Place the wand against the eyelashes root base and run through them in a zig-zag motion. Your eyes make-up is ready! Time for the lips. With a lip liner outline the lips, then fill it with the chosen lipstick shade. Remember that the colour of both lip liner and the lipstick have to be similar.

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