How Do I Take Care of Hair in Summer? Best Scalp Care Methods

Hello, girls!

It is not only the skin that needs protection in the summer time. We must also shield the hair. Our hairdos are exposed to the action of the sunlight and affected by ageing processes as much as our skin. Before taking off for holiday, prepare products that protect the hair from UV radiation and prevent scalp irritations.

How do I care for my hairdo before going on holiday?

It may sound strange but I moisturise my hair using all possible methods. I drink a lot of water, use strengthening scalp treatments and moisturising products (masks, conditioners, oils). I even give up on purifying shampoos for some time. Recently, I’ve gone for leave-in products with natural ingredients: aloe, hyaluronic acid and honey. I do hair oil treatment once a week. It is an excellent hair care method, especially for dry, dull and over-processed hair. While washing my hair, I use products containing keratin and proteins (of milk, silk or wheat). Such substances have the ability to bond and lock water inside the hair. What is more, they have a similar structure to the natural building block of hair. Also humectants e.g. glycerol can improve the condition of the strands. I make sure I close cuticle scales to prevent the moisture loss, using vegetable oils.

Summer Hair Care

After applying sunscreen, I protect my hair from the sunlight, rubbing an oil (castor, macadamia, almond) into strands and spritzing with a protective spray. From time to time, I use cosmetics designed for summer hair and scalp care. What would happen if I forgot to shield hair from the sun? UV radiation makes hair lose its color; it gets dry whereas hair ends start splitting. To make things worse, the sun affects the shade of hair. Melanin – hair pigment – oxidizes. Brunettes know what I mean.

What about you, girls? How do you care for hair in the summer season? 

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