Hair, eyelashes and skin – how to take care of them in the winter?


Winter is not the best season for our body. Low temperatures, cold winds, heavy snow can significantly worsen the condition of our skin, hair and eyelashes. Luckily, there are easy methods that will help restore their good shape. 

Winter hair care

What happens with the hair? It is oily, weak and static. The scalp cannot deal with low temperatures, rapid heat loss, wearing a thick cap and using strong cleansing shampoos. What’s more, air humidity is not high which leads to dehydration, hair breakage and split ends. How should a proper winter hair care look like? Use only gentle cleansing agents and moisturising preparations, use antistatic masks, blow-dry the strands using tools with ionization and make sure that the cobs and brushes you use are being cleaned regularly. Wear hats made of natural and breathable materials and change towels often and wash them at high temperatures. Try not to overheat or cool down your head too much.

You eyelashes need proper care as well! 

Winter weakness of the body, which may be caused by lack of sun and vitamins, adversely affects the condition of eyelashes. Their loss is influenced by inappropriate makeup removal, using an eyelash curler, applying lash extensions. How to take care of eyelashes in the winter? You will need a properly balanced diet, supplementation and a top-quality eyelash serum. Remove cosmetics gently by pressing a soaking cotton pad to the eyelid. Do not rub too vigorously as this will only worsen the lash condition.

Winter skin care 

During this particular season, our skin is especially exposed to irritations. An unpleasant aura causes drying, damage and even frostbite. Your cheeks are covered with blush, the lips are chapped, the skin of your feet and heels becomes thick and rough, the complexion loses radiance and nice healthy colours. You must remember that the winter skin care is not difficult yet it requires time and accuracy. Therefore, use rich moisturising and protecting solutions, exfoliate regularly. What’s more, include products rich in vitamins and fatty acids to the diet, drink about 2 litres of water a day.

If you follow these rules and take care of your skin, hair and lashes correctly, winter will no longer be a threat to you and you will be able to calmly await spring.

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