Facts and Myths About Fragrances. How to Buy, Test and Select Perfumes

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There are numerous stories connected with the subject of applying, storing and selecting perfumes. Recently, I’ve decided to collect all of them and use just one post to present all the myths and facts concerning perfumes. Maybe thanks to this article you’ll decide to buy the fragrance that you used to be sceptical about.

MYTH: Testers Are Better Than the Regular Perfumes

Testers are neither stronger nor better when it comes to the quality when compared to regular perfumes. Cosmetic companies simply wouldn’t take the benefit from producing high-quality cosmetics that will only be used for testing. Moreover, a customer might accuse the cosmetic brand of being fooled by them; the perfume she or he bought isn’t as good as the product tested in the perfumery. Additionally, the next time you go shopping, pay attention to the looks of testers. The phials lacks caps and colourful labels that normally are attached to them. Who would buy such perfumes?

MYTH: Choose Fragrances with the Accordance to the Hair Colour

Of no importance is the fact which fragrances should be bought by blonde-haired women and which fragrances suit well brown-haired girls. Probably this conviction is connected with the personal features that are associated with a particular hair colour. Following this lead, we can match blondes with flowery and fruity aromas whereas girls with brown hair should go with spicy and heavy fragrances. Furthermore, so many girls dye their hair that fragrance-producing companies might find it difficult to keep up with this trend. After all, which aromas suit women with ginger, grey and galaxy hair?

FACT: Test Perfumes in the Morning

Why? The sense of smell works best in the morning, there are just a few customers in the perfumery, we can talk with a perfumery assistant freely and the air in the shop isn’t mixed with other smells. Obviously, there are also people with better developed smelling skills so they probably like other ways of perfume testing. There are also people who are for checking out the fragrances in the evening. But still, there is one crucial thing to keep in mind – don’t wear any perfumes before testing new aromas.

FACT: Perfumes May Cause Allergic Reactions and Discolour Skin

As it applies to any beauty product, it also is true for the perfumes – they can trigger allergic reactions. The most allergy-prone people are the ones who have sensitive skin. According to IFRA (International Fragrance Association), there are over 26 substances included in fragrances that may irritate skin. When it comes to discolorations, they can appear not only on skin but also on clothing. Basically, under the influence of the sun rays, alcohol can make a fabrics colour fade away and discolour dermis.

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