Obesity: what are the causes & treatment?

In the world where skinny bodies are looking at you from TV screens, magazines and Instagram whereas diets are growing in overwhelming numbers, it’s really hard to deal with obesity. If you’re struggling with this problem, check what you can do to be healthy and feel good in your own skin. What are the causes […]

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Nanoil avocado oil. Do I label it the best beauty product?

best avocado oil for damaged hair - nanoil

Hi! Long-awaited Nanoil avocado oil review is here. Hit or miss? Is wonderful alligator pear oil worth using? Why is Nanoil so popular and highly-rated? I bet most of you think ‘what’s all that fuss about, it’s just an oil!’. You couldn’t be more wrong! The devil is in the detail. Enjoy my review of best […]

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How to choose a foundation for your skin type? The most important rules

Hey! Choosing a foundation for your skin type is no easy task. You have to consider many variables while remembering that skin’s needs are the priority. If you have no clue where to start, this post will hand you some easy tips. Enjoy the read. How to choose a foundation for your skin type? When choosing […]

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Beauty treatments that harm instead of helping

It turns out that some beauty treatments aren’t as effective or safe as you might think. TBH, they might prove to be hazardous. Check the list of treatments to be avoided and enjoy flawless skin forever. Facial extraction Once popular face cleansing procedure, practised even at home by some girls. If you get round to […]

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NOT so OBVIOUS mistakes in brow care and the life-saving Nanobrow serum

nanobrow best eyebrow serum

Hello Everyone! There were many things said about eyebrows and probably plenty of you are now wondering what else can be said so as not to repeat things that everybody knows well. It appears that we should repeat the basic stuff because many women repeat the same old mistakes in eyebrow care. For example, lots […]

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Dear Diary… New collection by Chanel: Travel Diary FW 2017/18

Hello, Girls! Today, I’m going to tell about the new cosmetic collection by Chanel, Travel Diary fall — winter 2017/2018. Face for the campaign became Kristen Stewart, an actress known, among many, for her role in the “Twilight” saga. However, the cosmetic line was created by Lucia Pica. Is it worth to test new cosmetics […]

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Cleansing hair mask by Nanoil, Charcoal & White Clay. Would I recommend?

nanoil charcoal and white clay hair mask

Hey, all you Beautiful out there! Today I’d like to tell you a little bit about a hair care product that has stolen my heart lately. It’s Nanoil Charcoal & White Clay Hair Mask which I can call the best hair cleansing mask that I’ve ever had an opportunity to use. Are you curious what […]

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Inversion Method to grow your hair long. Does it really work?

You probably remember my entries about the intention of growing my hair long. You know that I was looking for the effective methods to reach this goal. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about a fairly untypical solution to which, at the beginning, my approach was rather sceptical, to be honest. Because, […]

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How to Pamper Body After Summer? Autumn Hair & Skin Care

Hi, there!  Summer’s gone, the school year’s here. Although we don’t enjoy the autumn weather, our skin and hair love it. Why? We finally have the time to take care of our looks. Check my skin care after summer. How do my hair and skin look after summer? Sunrays left a few summer souvenirs on […]

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How to take care of sensitive skin? Methods I tested on my own skin

My skin is sensitive which makes the care quite problematic. Dermatologists define it as a skin that overreacts to various factors. The worst thing is that neither these factors nor the skin reaction can be predicted because they are different for every human being. Fortunately, proper skin care will reduce the tendency to irritation and visibly improve […]

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