What’s my under-eye skin care like? Will Pep Start Eye Cream from Clinique deal with my imperfections?


Dark under-eye circles, puffiness and other imperfections in that area can be very upsetting for many women. It turns out I know a great way t make the skin around the eye beautiful and smooth once again. All thanks to the Pep Start Eye Cream by Clinique. Let’s start the test!

Where do puffiness and dark under-eye circles come from?

There are various internal and external factors responsible for that! For instance, lack of proper care, using inappropriate cosmetics can contribute to the change of the condition of the skin around the eyes.Not enough sleep, working long hours or spending too much time in front of the computer or TV set can also cause the appearance of puffiness and dark under-eye circles. Additionally, if you add diseases, stress, air pollution to the list, the skin looks even worse. Therefore, it is worth remembering that the skin around the eye is very delicate, thin and especially prone to damage.

Pep Start Eye Cream by Clinique a method for beautiful eyes

This cream is suitable for all skin types. It has a lightweight consistency that absorbs easily and does not leave any sticky layer on the skin surface. How does Pep Start Eye Cream by Clinique work? According to the producer, the cosmetic brightens, nourishes and refreshed the skin in the eye area. Additionally, the product is designed to reduce puffiness, remove dark under-eye circles, soothe irritations and removes any signs of fatigue leaving the face refreshed. It is said that the cream from Clinique works well when applied as a base for the foundation. I must test it out soon!

How to use Pep Start Eye Cream?

The cosmetic comes in a tube of two varied sizes; you can choose from 10ml to 50ml capacities. The round applicator will facilitate the application. It’s a pity it is not a metal massaging tool, it would bring even better results. Just think how perfect it would be at softening the skin around your eyes and spreading the pleasantly cool cream … Pep Start Eye Cream by Clinique can be used in the morning and evening.

I’m starting my big test!


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