The Top Makeup Mistakes. What Should You Avoid?

I usually write reviews of beauty products or advise on what to do to look beautiful.

For a change, this post tells you what not to do. The most common makeup mistakes.

Read on and check things to avoid while applying makeup 🙂

  • Wrong shade of foundation. It’s the most common mistake which is striking. If the shade is too light, it gives you a vampire look. Too dark foundation gives the impression that only your face is tanned. There’s a line separating the head and neck. You shouldn’t finish applying makeup on the jawline. Such a mask looks awful!
  • Blusher that doesn’t go with your skin tone and makes up a huge spot on the cheek – it looks grotesque. If it’s too dark, it makes you look older and the face looks tired.

You apply a blusher to the apples of your cheeks, gently sweeping it with a soft brush. Applied correctly, it enhances your makeup, adds freshness and makes your face look younger.

  • An unnatural shape of eyebrows is among the most common mistakes. Perfectly-arched eyebrows look extremely unnatural. Too thick or overplucked brows look bad, too. To make things worse, thin eyebrows make you look older. Using too dark eyebrow products is another popular beauty sin.
  • A line on the upper eyelids. It usually doesn’t go with the eye shape e.g. it’s too thick for the drooping eyelids. It usually has the same width throughout the length. Many girls make another mistake, drawing too long lines.
  • Too much mascara. If you apply too many coats to the lower lashes, you get the spider legs effect which definitely doesn’t look attractive. Besides, a few layers of mascara are flaky and leave dark shades under your eyes.
  • A lip makeup mistake is about desperate efforts to make your lips look bigger – while applying a lipliner, you go outside the natural lip line. Another mishap is using a lipstick and lipliner which don’t match e.g. a dark liner and light lipstick. Girls apply a dark lipstick and don’t use a lipliner which is another thing to be avoided. In case of intense colors, a missing lipliner can make the lipstick bleed.
  • Skipping an under-eye concealer or wrong shade of the product. It must be lighter than the foundation you use. If the color is wrong, it makes under-eye dark circles more visible.

What are the beauty mistakes you make or used to make? 🙂

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