How to take care of colour-treated hair? Use Kerastase Reflection Chromatique


Everyone knows that colour-treated hair requires specialized care. It is not enough to use safe colouring products with reduced ammonia content. You will also need cosmetics that will take care of the strands in the long run. Personally, I adore Kerastase products, especially the Reflection Chromatique series. 

Beautiful colour means healthy hair

It is true that the hair care can begin with colouring. If you choose herbal dyes with less ammonia or reach for special preparations, such as L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, your strands will not be exposed to dehydration and damage. Yiu must remember that strong hair dyes weaken the hair and can cause irritations on the scalp. What are the effects? The hair becomes rough and dull, the ends will start to split and the hair will fall out.

How to take care of colour-treated hair?

Start with using products matched to this specific hair type. Apart from that, they must meet other expectations as well. Cosmetics dedicated to dyed hair should regenerate its structure, moisturise, increase shine and prevent the colour from fading. For me, Kerastase Reflection Chromatique cosmetics are extremely effective. The series comprises: a shampoo for colour-treated hair, a conditioner, a mask and a Shade reviving pen to obtain the desired colour. I have used two of them, the multi-protecting shampoo and the conditioner.

How do Kerastase cosmetics work?

The cosmetics from Kerastase Reflection Chromatique series emphasize the colour of my dyed hair. The highlights are glossy and shine with every movement of the head. What’s more, they nourish and moisturize the strands, increase their elasticity and softness. Kerastase cosmetics from the latest series can be selected to best suit the needs of dyed hair.

How do you girls take care of dyed hair? What are your secret methods to maintain the beautiful clour for longer? Have you ever used any of the Kerastase cosmetics? I am very curious, maybe you have better solutions, let me know in the comments!

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