How to remove discolorations? Scrubs, laser and other useful beauty tricks


Indeed, discolorations pose a problem to many girls. They appear when skin ages; they also come into existence due to the sun. Some of them are hard to camouflage under make-up, the others are easily hidden under just one layer of a foundation. But what should be done to the remaining sun-indulged pigmentation marks? For example, you can get them removed in a beauty parlour or highlight at home. How? Read my entry to find out.

Where do discolorations come from?

Majority of discolorations, which your skin houses, developed because of UV radiation. Lack of sun protection and long sunbathing cause sun-indulged pigmentation marks as well as wrinkles and dry epidermis. Discolourations date us, impede make-up application and it’s really hard to get rid of. Undoubtedly, you can make a good use of highlighting and exfoliating cosmetics which even skin tone, however, they can’t remove discolorations that developed in the lower skin parts. How to eliminate them?

Aesthetic medicine treatments to conquer discolorations

Phototherapy (a.k.a. Light therapy) can help you with removing discolourations. During the treatment a luminous energy is generated. It warms up the upper layers of skin and stimulates collagen production. Also, this energy activates skin self-regeneration processes. In this way discolorations become highlighted and the excess of melanin decreases. Phototherapy provides even skin tone, smooths skin and increases its elasticity. Despite skin being slightly darker after the treatment (it’s natural protection of skin against the light), these skin imperfections vanish after a few days. In order to achieve the desired results, just a few treatments are needed. Another worth mentioning issue is that skin is very sensitive when the treatment is ongoing, therefore, we must remember to protect it against the sun.

To reduce discolorations we can also use laser. The beam of light generated by the device removes imperfections, regenerates skin and accelerates process of wound healing. During the treatment there are new cells created and these replace the old, removed by laser cells. In general, skin becomes smoother, younger and gains fair colour. The number and intensity of treatments are assigned by a dermatologist. The first effects are visible after just a few days, yet during this time skin is exposed to UV radiation. For that reason, gentle skin care and strong UV protection is highly required.

How do you cope with discolorations after the summer?

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