How to make your lips look fuller? Learn my proven beauty hacks

Hey Girls!

If you aren’t fully satisfied with the shape or size of your lips, there are a few beauty hacks that can help you make them look bigger easily. Let me show you how I do it 🙂

Obviously, I always start from applying a scrub. You can do this using a readymade cosmetic. This might sound surprising to some of you but I like to coat my lips with a thick layer of a protective balm and then massage the lips with a toothbrush; and I do this really often. Thanks to this, it’s easy for me to remove dry and dead epidermis cells so my lips appear to be visibly smoother. Also, owning to the way we apply scrubs, blood circulation is boosted which results in lips becoming fuller. Ok, once my lips are smooth, I move forward to the next step.

Replenishing lips with water is the core. Undisputedly, well-moisturised lips look as if they were fuller, therefore, don’t forget to treat them with a good balm on the regular basis! However, instead of using a cosmetic bought at a drugstore’s, you can use honey. As it is not hard to guess, let the honey sit on your lips for a while before you eat it up 😉

Makeup. If you don’t use lipsticks or if you care for getting delicate, daily makeup, I suggest you to reach for a lipgloss that is supposed to make your lips look bigger. As the first step, take a lip liner of some fair shade and apply it to the middle part of the upper and lower lip. Then, very delicately, try to smudge it towards corners of the lips so as to make the colour transit smoothly. Finally, coat your lips with a lip gloss. That’s all 😉

When I use a lipstick instead of a lipgloss, I go through the following steps. At the beginning I outline my lips with a lip liner which shade matches to the lipstick’s. I apply the cosmetic along the outer contour. Bear in mind that if you cross this ‘line’, the effect you obtain will be unnatural. After that, garb a brush and apply a lipstick. If you want to obtain matte finish, apply a little bit of a fair-shaded lip pencil right in the middle of the lower and upper lip and delicately smudge it so as to let the colours blend. Now, focus on the area which is located right underneath the lower lip. Take a brown lip pencil and apply a delicate line right in the middle of the above-mentioned area. Thanks to this, your lips would look like they cast a shadow 🙂 If you are a supporter of shimmering lipsticks, as the last step, apply a shimmering lipgloss.

Have you got your favourite lipglosses or lipsticks that boost lips? Perhaps you know some better ways of making lips look bigger and fuller? Leave your comments below! 🙂

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