How did I turn my hairdo around? L’Oreal ‘Casting Sunkiss Jelly’ and ‘L’Oreal Recital Preference’


Since I remember I’ve always liked dyeing my hair. Recently, I decided to go for reflexes thanks to which my hairdo looks completely different now. For the procedure I used L’Oreal Paris Recital Preference dyes delivering ombre effect. I also gave a go to L’Oreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly. Which of the products did turn out to be better?

Hair Reflexes – What’re these and how to get them?

Reflexes are individual wisps that are clearly brighter than the colour of the remaining hair. They provide the strands with lightness, shine and natural look. Moreover, they are believed to make face look younger and slimmer. In order to apply reflexes to your hair, you can use regular hair dyes. Also, you can go for products designed for this particular task. Of course, such products bring out way better effects when compared to regular dyes; mainly because it’s easier to apply them. Basically, all you need to do is apply the dye to the individual wisps that soon will beautify the entire hairdo. It goes without saying that a good haircut will enhance the shape of your hairdo.

L’Oreal Paris Recital Preference hair dyes

In order to apply my first hair reflexions I used L’Oreal Paris Rectal Preference dye one tone brighter than the colour of my hair. It was K2 7.43 Shangrilla (red blond). In my opinion, the product delivers natural shine and a really good coverage. The pigments remain inside the hair guaranteeing long-lasting outcomes. Apart from that, the dye contains UV filter and vitamin E which take care of strands and the scalp. When you open the box, you’ll find a bottle with colouring gel, a bottle of bleached cream with an applicator and one conditioner delivering hair beautifying action, a leaflet and plastic gloves. Application of the product is child’s play. I managed to colour my hair at home without any problems.

L’Oreal Paris Casting Sunkiss Jelly – Gradually lightening gel

The good news is that this product is even easier to apply than the above-mentioned dye. Firstly, because it is a ready-made cosmetic which you just have to put on hair. Secondly, it has a jelly formula which significantly facilitates application and makes it easier for the pigment to penetrate hair. Thirdly, thanks to the product, you can grade the shade in order to obtain the effect you look-for. Nevertheless, there is one minus L’Oreal Paris Casting Sunkiss Jelly has. Namely, as far as I’m concerned, L’Oreal Paris offers only two shades: 02 For Dark Blonde to Light Blonde Hair and 03 For Light Blonde to Very Light Blonde Hair. Of course, make sure you choose the right shade while doing the shopping.

Which hair dye would I pick up in the future? I guess, it’d be L’Oreal Paris Recital Preference. And you?

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