Effective Makeup Removal. Let’s Choose Products for your Skin Type


Removing makeup, sebum and dead skin cells is very important, considering healthy skin. How to effectively take makeup off and which products to use?

As thick as thieves with makeup removal 

Makeup removal is essential for the skin. An evening removal of makeup, sebum excess, dead skin cells, dust, sweat and other impurities will help your skin keep healthy. Otherwise, you may deal with skin irritation, acne breakouts, blackheads and many other blemishes. What’s more, if you don’t remove makeup, you’ll smudge your pillow, bedsheets and pyjamas. Bacteria may also occur in materials, posing risk to your skin.

Lotion, gel & remover

Which one to choose? It depends on your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, you choose moisturising, soothing and protecting products. Girls, whose skin is oily and combination, should go for cosmetics which regulate too much sebum secretion, prevent the unhealthy shine, soothe inflammation and don’t cause dryness. Foaming gels are such products. For both skin types, a micellar water is an effective cosmetic for getting rid of makeup and impurities. The formula has been made for removing the dirt and moisturising the skin at the same time.

Eye-makeup removal

Removing eye and face makeup is a bit different. We usually use waterproof products for eye makeup. To remove them, you need formulas that are safe and effective. The technique is also slightly different. Pour some remover on a cotton pad and gently press it to the eyelids. When mascara and eyeshadow are gone and the pad is clean, you know your eyes are clean and you’ve removed all makeup and dirt.

Girls, what does your makeup removal look like? 

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