Looking for Top-Rated Eyelash Serums? Best Findings Here!

Are you in search of an efficient serum to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and defined? It’s your lucky day because you’ve come to the right place! Below, you’ll find reviews of the most popular eyelash serums in New Zealand. From dozens of lash enhancing products, we’ve hand-picked only the top-rated ones to make choosing the right product easier for you.

Short and thinning lashes are a huge problem for many women. Among the popular home treatments, an eyelash serum appears to be the one that brings the best results. This product delivers essential nutrients and conditioning substances, to get you the fuller-looking and strong eyelashes. When used regularly, a good quality eyelash serum makes lashes gradually longer, thicker and better-looking.

Do all eyelash serums work in the same way? Not really. Therefore, we narrowed down the complete list of all lash serums, leaving only the products that are proven to deliver promised results in the shortest period. We arranged them by placing the best serums at the top of the list.
Which face serum should you pick if you want to achieve fast and spectacular results? Find out which serum is our #1! Here is the list of the best eyelash serums recommended by professionals and regular users.



Are beautiful, long and full-looking eyelashes your lifelong beauty goal? You need a proven solution offered by Nanolash. This is the finest eyelash growth-boosting serum whose top quality and high efficiency are appreciated worldwide. What makes Nanolash #1 among eyelash serums?

The complete Nanolash treatment is a way to:

  • get two times longer and thicker eyelashes
  • intensified color, boosted shine and curve
  • eliminate the problem of thinning by making the follicles stronger
  • speed up growth for fuller-looking appearance
  • make lasher more elastic, thus resistant to damage
More information on the product is available at: www.nanolash.co.nz
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Among the eyelash serums deserving to have “the best” tag attached, there is a product like Lashcode. This serum was created by a brand that became famous after launching their lash conditioning mascara. To answer the needs of the most demanding, Lashcode presents their users with a lash-boosting serum. It won the women’s recognition in no time, becoming one of top cosmetic picks.

When used regularly, Lashcode eyelash serum needs only 3 to 4 weeks to:

  • get you moisturized lashes
  • make increase elasticity and boost shine
  • add more body to each lash individually
  • stop lashes from falling out
  • make lashes ready for mascara
If you want to learn more, visit: lashcode.co.nz
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Lilash took next place in this ranking. It’s mostly chosen by those who want to combat the problem of sparse and thinning lashes. This eyelash serum is good at maintaining hydration, delivering nutrients and intensifying lash color. What are other things you should know about Lilash?
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Grandelash Eyelash Serum is based on nutrients which are to strengthen and improve the lash hair. The formula is enriched with vitamins, peptides, amino acids and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It also contains botanical extracts from ginseng, chamomile and bearberry leaf which reinforce the hair follicles. Regular application of Grandelash Eyelash Serum beautifies the shortest, the most sparse and fragile lashes. Thanks to a light consistency, the product takes a few minutes to sink in. It’s suitable for contact lens wearers.
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FEG eyelash serum takes the last place in the ranking, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad product. With its help you can get stronger and prettier eyelashes, provided that you don’t mind waiting a bit longer for the effects. FEG is said to create great results when lashes are short, damaged and thin. When teamed with a quality mascara, the effect of fuller-looking lashes will be easy to achieve.
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It’s highly impressive how quickly eyelash growth serums have become top selling lash care products. Turning into absolute must-haves, they comprise an essential step of women’s evening beauty ritual. Not without reason eyelash serums are considered to be as important as mascaras, face creams and hair conditioners. It turns out that these cosmetics wield a tremendous power, being able to do more than just lengthen the lashes.

Below you’ll find 10 benefits that you can expect a top quality eyelash serum to give you:


A good quality eyelash growth serum reverses damage and makes lashes significantly stronger. By delivering nutrients and moisture, this product repairs the inner and outer structures of hair. Interestingly, the best lash serums are known for fixing weak lashes quickly by replenishing them with nutrients.


The applicator that the majority of eyelash serums come with has a form of a thin brush. With its help, you’re able to deliver the nutrients straight to where they are needed most—the follicles. Applied to the roots of lashes, the serum penetrates the eyelid skin in order to reach the bulbs and supply them with everything they need to grow long and strong lashes.


Sky-high lashes in a couple of weeks? Why not! A good quality eyelash growth serum will make your lashes visibly longer pretty quickly. How does it happen? The active ingredients added to a formula target follicles and stimulate them to work more effectively. As a result, they produce significantly longer and stronger eyelashes.


Did you know your eyelids house inactive follicles that don’t grow lashes? Here is how you can deal with that issue: simply reach for a high-quality serum to wake up these “sleeping” follicles and make them do what they are designed to do, which is grow lashes. This is basically how the effect of multi-lashes is achieved.


Most eyelashes are lighter at the tips, which makes them appear shorter than they actually are. To darken these barely visible ends, you can use either henna or a serum. The latter, however, seems to be a better solution because apart from making the lashes color more intensive, it also boosts growth. Ladies with fair and almost invisible lashes—unless defined with a mascara, of course—love this quality of lash serums.


Surveys show that most women wish they had fuller-looking lashes. Surely, thick and dark, the eyelashes don’t need to be coated with mascara. Since the serums boost volume and intensify the color of lashes, you don’t need to apply makeup to define them—they will look gorgeous all day, no matter if you spend most of your day in an office, take a swim or work on your fitness at a gym.


Some lashes are awfully straight and stiff. They resist holding the curl, no matter the technique used to lift the tips up. Luckily, eyelash serums cope with this problem easily, making the stubborn hair softer and moisturized. Replenished with water, the eyelashes are no longer stiff. And when curled naturally, the lashes make the eyes look bigger and cuter.


Eyelash serums affect both the lashes and the follicles. When the latter is nourished, it grows strong lashes that don’t fall out prematurely. When the eyelashes remain longer in their follicles, there are more of them growing at the same time. It’s also worth realizing that once the lashes are firmly attached to their follicles, they don’t fall out when you take off the mascara.


The sad news is that UV, urban pollution and some ingredients used in certain beauty products have a negative effect on the eyelashes. Exposed to any of these factors frequently, the hair gets weaker and starts thinning. Luckily, a good quality eyelash serum increases the resistance to the external aggressors, making lashes strong enough to combat damage, chlorinated water or dehydrating mascaras.


It can’t be denied, a top-quality eyelash growth serum is a brilliant tool to take years off the face. Fabulous, full-looking and shiny eyelashes make the face appear younger and simply more beautiful. Thanks to the wide-accessibility of eyelash conditioners, costly and invasive treatments like eyelash extension seem somehow obsolete.

Random facts about eyelashes:

  • Did you know what animals grow eyelashes? Out of all species that fly, swim and walk on the planet Earth, only mammals are lucky enough to have eyelashes!
  • How long was the longest eyelash ever recorded? The world’s longest lash was 6,99 cm!
  • What is the key role of eyelashes? Just like the cat’s whiskers, lashes help us notice foreign objects that are near the eyes, even when closed.