What Beauty Products Do I Take While Travelling? the Snufkin’s Bag

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I am going on holiday soon. That is why I decided to tell you a bit about the products I am going to put in my travel beauty bag. I usually take two cosmetic bags: a big one for beauty care and make-up products, a smaller one for things I may need on a journey (a small UV filter cream, antiseptic, sticking plaster, cooling mist). What cosmetics do I take on holiday?

Cream with UV filter is the most important

I never leave the house without sunscreen. I put one foot behind the door and my skin gets red… UV filter-enriched creams should become all women’s best friend. Drugstores offer products that will protect you from UVA and UVB sunrays. If you plan on long sunbathes, all-day strolls or outdoor sports, sunscreen is a must. SPF 50 + should give you the best protection. Apply it at least 30 minutes before the sun exposure. Remember to reapply the product during the day.

Travel Mini Sets

Many cosmetic brands offer mini sets. They are excellent because they take up little room. You can put them in the handbag, car locker or take on the plane. Mini sets consist of skin & hair care and make-up products, perfume. They are usually packed into colorful bags, beautiful boxes. Mini products are amazing. You don’t need to pour balms, shower gels or creams into smaller plastic bottles and jars bought at drugstores.

Remember about colored cosmetics

You should put a mascara, concealer, moisturising lipstick and brightening coloring cream into your travel beauty bag. Such products will be enough to do make-up. If you plan on summer parties, take colorful eyeshadow to create an exotic make-up – ideal for hot summer nights. Don’t panic if you forget about some cosmetics. You can buy something on the spot. Surely, you will get something cool!

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