Enzymatic, gommage, DIY or mechanical? Which body scrub is the best one?

Hello Girls 😉

Let me ask you straight away: Do you remove dead epidermis cells?

Do you exfoliate, rub and smooth your body?

If not then I will try to convince you (but without putting pressure on you) to give this procedure a go. Believe me, the moment you apply peeling to your skin, you will notice and feel immediate change. A good body scrub is able to work wonders. Besides, there is no other thing which helps with combating cellulite than a good body scrub.

So? Do you want to find out more about this marvellous product? 🙂 Go on reading!

Body scrub. What’s that and why should you apply it?

First thing to realize is that body scrub’s aim isn’t only to make your skin beautiful and smooth. It is just irreparable when it comes to keeping your skin healthy. This cosmetic is able to remove impurities, encourages skin to produce new cells, improves elasticity and delays skin ageing processes.

Bear in mind that your skin works and produces new cells constantly. The ones which managed to fulfil their task – simply die and exfoliate. Sadly, as the aftermath of metabolic rate disturbances, urban pollution and being exposed to stress, our skin finds it hard to cope with healthy exfoliation and removing these dead epidermis cells the way it is supposed to. What should we do in this situation? Of course, help it! And there is no better way of removing dead epidermis cells as by using body scrub.

How does body scrub affect skin?

Body scrub removes impurities and dead epidermis cells, unclogs sebaceous glands outlets and prevents blackheads (especially on the face, however, many people complain about having blackheads on their backs, as well). Skin cleansed with a body scrub is ready to receive a face cream, balm or serum to take the most of it. Moreover, it would be easier for the skin to absorb a self-tanning cream evenly. It’s also worth mentioning that body scrub is able to stimulate skin to work and produce new, young cells. Thanks to this, skin looks younger, becomes more elastic and its self-regenerating processes are accelerated.

Types of body scrubs

1. Mechanical Scrubs – it’s the most typical form of scrub. It contains either coarse or slightly gentler exfoliating particles (these are the agents responsible for removing dead epidermis cells). Obviously, body scrubs, unlike face scrubs, are more grainy because this very feature is responsible for exfoliating the skin parts where it is significant thicker. Basically, various substances might be used as the exfoliating agents in a body scrub, and these can be nut shells (of course, ground), seeds, sugar, salt, coffee. Moreover, mechanical body scrubs are perfect for treating oily skin type – you can apply them even twice a week. When it comes to dry skin, it’s better to treat it with fine grains, which can be applied twice a month. If your skin is exceptionally dehydrated, reach for sugar and salt body scrubs: they don’t only smooth skin but also nourish skin and take care of its pH. Salt and sugar particles get dissolved under the influence of massage and penetrate deep into skin.

2. Enzymatic Scrubs – perfect for sensitive and capillary skin. This type of body scrub doesn’t contain abrasive particles and it shouldn’t be rubbed into skin. Instead, it has to be applied to face to let it blend into intercellular bindings. It has to be rinsed after 15-20 minutes.

3. Gommage Scrubs – it can be described as combination of the two above-mentioned types of body scrubs. It has to be applied to skin (giving it enough time to affect skin cells) and then it MUST NOT be rinsed but abraded (to be more precise, it has to be rolled using hands). What is interesting, gommage scrub is suitable for all skin types, including capillary, dry and mature.

DIY Body Scrub. Is it better than the one available at a drugstore’s?

DIY body scrub is nothing more than the one made at home, from natural and easy-to-get ingredients. It’s cool because it lacks artificial substances. When it comes to body care, there is no better thing to replace a classic scrub than ground coffee beans 🙂

There is no point in overpaying and reaching for exorbitantly expensive body scrubs to fight back cellulite… especially when you realize that most of them contain coffee – this is the very ingredient that copes with orange peel best.

The issue is a little bit different when it comes to face scrubs. Of course, you can do home face scrub and surely there are plenty of great recipes for making them yourself, however, in terms of face skin care, you must be super cautious when applying homemade scrubs. The issue here is that they, unfortunately, can cause more harm than good. People of exceptionally sensitive skin or capillary, acne-prone or featuring any other changes, should be very picky when selecting face scrub to treat their skin with, or just ask for advice a specialist. If you have time and money, you can make a good use of a treatment that many beauty parlours offer. When you enter such a facility, you will meet experts who will suggest certain procedures that are suitable for your skin type (e.g. almond acne treatment). Moreover, beauty parlours also offer special scrubs targeting cellulite-affected body areas. The most popular one is Thalaspa sea body scrub which contains fine particles of sea salt, jojoba oil, green tea extract, lemon peel oil, peach seed oil and beeswax. As you can see, all the substances are natural and easy to get. Therefore, you can prepare such salt-and-oil body scrub yourself at home. In most cases, I mix coffee with sea salt and add either jojoba or almond oil. At the end, I add a dash of grapefruit juice and mix everything thoroughly. And basically that’s all 🙂 Take care! <3

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