skin treatment

How to take care of sensitive skin? Methods I tested on my own skin

My skin is sensitive which makes the care quite problematic. Dermatologists define it as a skin that overreacts to various factors. The worst thing is that neither these factors nor the skin reaction can be predicted because they are different for every human being. Fortunately, proper skin care will reduce the tendency to irritation and visibly improve […]

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How to get rid of blackheads? My methods of face cleansing

Blackheads tend to cover our face like poppy seeds cakes- the difference is that a poppyseed cake is mouth-watering. This is the consequence of excessive sebum production by the sebaceous glands and abnormal exfoliation of the epidermis. The direct cause of the formation of blackheads is the clogging of the hair follicles by tallow and keratinized cells. […]

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How to apply peptides to the skin? Creams with peptide content – are they worth the hassle?

Hello everyone!!! I know that you are interested in the best skin care ingredients and I am getting more and more questions about snake venom, snail slime, retinol, stem cells, and … peptides. What are these tiny particles and what effects they have on the skin? Should we use products with peptides, and if so, […]

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