Is Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick the Best in the World?

Hey! Lipstick is a finish touch of flawless makeup. I always need a sweep of a lipliner and lipstick. Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy is my choice. What are the effects and my fave hues? Find the answers in the post! Why I like Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipsticks? Pure Color Envy Lipsticks are […]

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New cosmetics from Kylie Jenner: Stormi Collection

Kylie Jenner’s new cosmetics have caused a real storm. Not only because of shades and design, but also because the inspiration to create products was the daughter of a celebrity, Stormi. How does the new cosmetics line look like? What will we find in the collection? The Stormi cosmetic collection from Kylie Jenner includes eye […]

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My makeup step by step

In the past, my eye makeup consisted of using a mascara. With time, I learned to choose the right eye makeup cosmetics and apply them. In my makeup bag cannot be missing a mascara, a blush (!), lip liners, eyeshadows and eyeliner. Below you will find my eye makeup in five simple steps. STEP 1: a mascara  […]

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Four steps to perfect makeup! How to look beautiful effortlessly?

Hello! What goes first, the concealer or foundation? Will soap be enough for a morning face wash? What eyeshadows will suit you best? These and other beauty tips can be found in my text. You will also learn how to do makeup in only four steps. 1. Prep your face  If you do your make-up before […]

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Makeup tips and tricks for every girl!

Hello! I am sure that every girl would like to make makeup easier. What for? To look better, shorten the time of application, stay in bed longer or save on cosmetics. See for yourself that my makeup tricks will allow you to achieve those goals. Powder on the brows If you did a too strong eyebrow […]

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Lashcode – New Mascara Four-Month Test

mascara Lashcode - test

Hey, beautiful ladies! How are you doing? I’m a bit tired after yesterday’s beauty trade shows. Although I look quite fatigued, my eyelashes – changelessly for four months – look FAN-TAS-TIC! I owe it to Lashcode mascara. I didn’t expect something would surprise me in the world of mascaras but… Lashcode definitely broke the codes […]

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