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How to take care of your hair in the winter?

No, I won’t tell you WHAT damages the hair during winter, however, instead… I know that there are thousands of posts on this topic and every blogger writes about what damages hair in the winter and how low temperatures and dry air in your homes affect the condition of your hair. Of course, it affects in […]

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Let’s go to the beach! How to protect the hair from the sun and sea salt?

Summer is probably the worst time for our hair. Although … winter does not serve it either. Nevertheless, in today’s post, I would like to discuss the issues of how to take care of my hair in the summertime. Holiday will come soon, so I think you will like it. 🙂 Have you noticed (gentlemen too!) […]

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How to take care of blonde hair? Use Davines and Kerastase cosmetics: Alchemic Silver i Fusio Dose

HELLO,  Is it true that blonde hair is more susceptible to breakage? Yes, but not if it’s properly taken care of. My mom and I use Davines and Kerastase cosmetics for that purpose. If you are interested in how to take care of blonde hair and these products worked for us, keep on reading! How […]

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