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Let’s Go Skiing! What’s the Comfiest Hairdo?

Hey! Goggles, helmet, warm hat, headband, ear muffs. While planning on skiing, hiking or snowboarding, you want to feel both warm and safe. That’s a good thing but the choice of a hairdo matters, too, doesn’t it? In the post, find a few comfy and easy-to-do hairstyles. Enjoy reading! BRAID It is a perfect choice […]

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Three Nanoil Hair Oils – How to Choose the Best One? Test, Review, Effects

nanoil best hair oil for you

Hey, girls! Let me greet you with triple the force because I’m going to tell you about three brilliant products that come under one name – Nanoil (that’s already known to many of you, that’s for sure). It’s a hair oil that’s been launched in three versions – each one is made for a different […]

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