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How to use sheet masks? Simple tricks that speed up their action

Why is it worth applying face masks? Simply, they are good and that’s it. There is no point in dwelling on this matter and you have to just accept the fact that no face cream is able to deliver such profound effects as a decent face mask can. You should know that face masks: are […]

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How to apply peptides to the skin? Creams with peptide content – are they worth the hassle?

Hello everyone!!! I know that you are interested in the best skin care ingredients and I am getting more and more questions about snake venom, snail slime, retinol, stem cells, and … peptides. What are these tiny particles and what effects they have on the skin? Should we use products with peptides, and if so, […]

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Mini face steamer for skin and hair care – how to make your own home SPA

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Hello! Why go to a beautician and spend a lot on treatments that you can really do at home? Wondering how it is possible? All you need to do is equip your bathroom with the mini facial steamer by Beauty Limited. And what’s next? What is a facial steamer? It is a device that helps […]

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