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How to Do Away with Under-Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles? Cream, Makeup, Easy Hacks

Hi, there! When puffiness or dark circles appear under your eyes after a sleepless night, you must quickly cover them or do away with for good. Read on and find a few tips to achieve the goal. Enjoy! Under-Eye Skincare Drinking a lot of water every day is the key skincare rule. In this way […]

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How to do romantic eye makeup? Eyeshadow palette Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hello! There’s never enough of the beloved pink colour. Since Modern Renaissance by Anastasia Beverly Hills features quite a lot of it, I decided to buy it the moment I saw it. Go on reading my new entry to find out how to apply true romantic eye makeup. How does Modern Renaissance palette look like? […]

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My makeup step by step

In the past, my eye makeup consisted of using a mascara. With time, I learned to choose the right eye makeup cosmetics and apply them. In my makeup bag cannot be missing a mascara, a blush (!), lip liners, eyeshadows and eyeliner. Below you will find my eye makeup in five simple steps. STEP 1: a mascara  […]

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