Inversion Method to grow your hair long. Does it really work?

You probably remember my entries about the intention of growing my hair long. You know that I was looking for the effective methods to reach this goal. Today, I’m going to tell you a little bit about a fairly untypical solution to which, at the beginning, my approach was rather sceptical, to be honest. Because, […]

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Scrubbing Stone for Face & Body by Pierre de Plaisir. How to get smooth skin in one evening?

Hello! Generally, if you want to exfoliate dead epidermis cells, you reach for cosmetics featuring scrubbing particles, sponges or gloves, sometimes face masks. But would you say about… a scrubbing stone? Weird enough? Indeed, it’s quite an original item of equally surprising action and application. Would you like to have such a stone in your […]

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Cosmetics with plankton by Biotherm: Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion and Sensitive Balm

Hello! There are many skin care cosmetics which you can find weird and original ingredients in. Balm and emulsion by Biotherm, which I’ve recently bought, contain… plankton. How do these aquatic microscopic animalcules condition skin? You’re going to find this out by reading my text. Plankton in skin care In short, plankton is just aquatic […]

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Colourful and smelling. The Body Shop, Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss

Hello! They smell wonderful, are really colourful and look delicious. This is how in particular new products by The Body Shop, Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss can be described. Additionally, the brand has launched new fruit balms Lip Juicers. Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Treats by The Body Shop This is the first tasty gift […]

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Lashcode – New Mascara Four-Month Test

mascara Lashcode - test

Hey, beautiful ladies! How are you doing? I’m a bit tired after yesterday’s beauty trade shows. Although I look quite fatigued, my eyelashes – changelessly for four months – look FAN-TAS-TIC! I owe it to Lashcode mascara. I didn’t expect something would surprise me in the world of mascaras but… Lashcode definitely broke the codes […]

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