New Slow Age from Vichy. How Does It Work for My Skin?

Since the moment Slow Age philosophy run the world and gained the popularity, it was just a matter of time before it will infiltrate the cosmetology. I’m glad that it happens because slow age perfectly fits every life area and makes us slow down, enjoy the moment and what’s here and now. Slow age meets the always in the hurry and stress filled lifestyle, prevents you from eating the junk food and from the thoughtless skin and hair care that can be only harmful.

As a fraction of the slow life was born the slow ageing — the domain focused on conscious care that allows in natural, safe and non-invasive way preserve youthful skin appearance, slow down ageing processes and at the same time create a shield against the toxins, pollution and in general all the negative atmospheric factors. You have to know that ageing processes of skin depend in 20% on the genes, but in 80% on the external factors, like solar radiation, toxins, stress, emotions and the lifestyle.

In order for your skin to function accordingly to the slow life philosophy, it is important — besides the healthy lifestyle — to reach for conscious care.
It is easy, really, because Vichy just released Slow Age that holds serum, eye cream and cream in a jar that inhibits ageing processes.

A month ago I purchased the Vichy Slow Age. The jar version (mine) is dedicated to the dry skin. The bottle version is Slow Age Serum and was created for normal and combination skin.

My cream has the best filter (SPF 30) and a bit thick consistency than the serum, but it absorbs great and there is no greasy layer on the skin and at the same time moisturises. There is no roughness or unpleasant tightness of the skin throughout the day. Vichy Slow Age protects and strengthens skin. Thanks to it, there is no skin irritation, sun burns, but skin becomes toned and glowing. A month of use and I see a major difference in my skin condition. The cream has beautiful fragrance, is efficient, devoid of paraben, hypo-allergenic and appropriate even for “super-sensitive” skin. This cream can be used as a make-up base because thanks to it skin is glowing and looks healthier. I recommend it for all the slow life philosophy followers and those of you who care about their skin and live in the city in all the fumes and toxins.

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